The Consumer Code applies to home buyers who reserve to buy a new or newly converted home built by a home builder under the insurance protection of one of our supporting Home Warranty Bodies*.

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The Code’s pre-sale and handover requirements apply to home buyers who are the first purchasers of a home. Second or subsequent home buyers benefit from the Code requirements but only on after-sales matters they report within two years from the date of the home warranty body’s insurance certificate.

Who is not covered by the Code?

*The Code and the Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme do not apply to:

  • homes that at the time of reservation by the first buyer are covered by the New Homes Quality Code
  • second-hand properties (for example, properties taken by Home Builders in part exchange and re-sold)
  • properties acquired by registered social landlords for rent
  • properties acquired by corporate bodies, partnerships and individuals buying more than one property on the same development for investment purposes
  • properties built by self-builders for their own occupation
  • properties assigned or sub-sold by an investor to a third person before Legal Completion;
  • personal injury claims
  • loss of property value or blight
  • claims about the land conveyed and its registered title
  • claims that exceed the Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme’s limits
How does The Code work for me?
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