A provider has been appointed to set up and operate the New Homes Ombudsman service from 2022. The Ombudsman will be run by The Dispute Service, to provide independent redress for home owners covered by the New Homes Quality Code, which itself is due to launch by the end of 2021.

The new arrangements have been set up in response to the government’s desire to strengthen redress for consumers in the buying and selling of new-build homes.

In time, it is expected that the New Homes Quality Code will replace the Consumer Code and other new-build codes. However, the Ombudsman will only cover cases which relate to the new code and transition arrangements are still being worked through so that consumers receive a seamless service and know who to go to in the event of a claim.

Our Consumer Code Management Board is working with the New Homes Quality Board to understand the timing and arrangements for introducing the new Code, as well as detailing what provision will be provided for those currently protected by our Code and our Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme, and how that will be delivered.

We are committed to ensuring all those protected by the Consumer Code for Home Builders continue to enjoy the additional protection it affords for the life of their cover (two years from the date of house purchase).

Please keep an eye on our news pages and social media for updates.

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