Carol Brady

The Management Board of the Consumer Code has adopted a tougher stance to adjudication compliance in response to feedback from consumers and in line with many ombudsman schemes.

Moving forward, any builder that has been removed from one of our supporting home warranty body’s register for not complying with an adjudicator’s decision following a complaint made via the Code’s Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme (IDRS), will be named on our website and in our annual report.

In the majority of cases, builders do comply with the decisions from the IDRS and take the required action. In some cases, however, developers have failed to comply despite repeated follow up both from the IDRS administrators and the Code’s Disciplinary and Sanctions Panel to do so. This failure impacts on confidence in the IDRS and could lead to home buyers concluding that it’s not worth pursuing a complaint.

Consumer feedback – including complaints – is an essential part of helping the industry continue to improve. By adding this extra sanction, we hope to see 100% compliance with adjudications from now on.

Builders will still be issued with reminders from the IDRS and the Disciplinary and Sanctions Panel before any disciplinary action is taken and before the final decision to publicise for non-compliance is made.

If you have any queries about this change or would like to speak to someone about compliance, please contact

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