It’s December and we’re feeling festive at CCHB HQ. So, what better way to start the seasonal celebrations than with our 12 Days of Code Transition Tips 😉 We’re posting a new tip on our social channels every day between 1-12 December, but if you can’t wait until then, here’s our full list.

Day 1 – Transition Pack

To kick off our 12 Days of Code Transition Tips let’s start with the Transition Pack. It’s designed to simplify the process of complying with the updated requirements in the revised Code which will be effective from 1 January 2024.

The pack includes a handy summary of the changes, an overview of the free training available and a useful compliance checklist.  Download your transition pack

Day 2 – Training

Have you completed our free online training yet?

The Code provides free online learning to help homebuilders and their sales agents comply with the Code requirements. 

During the current transition from the existing Code to the Fifth Edition, two courses are available to cover both versions of the Code. 

Find out more and to access the courses

Day 3 – Check out our checklist

Homebuilders and sales agents – you can gauge your progress by cross-checking against our Code Compliance Checklist. The list covers the Code requirements and sets them out in sections for you to work through. 

Day 4 – Download our sample Reservation Agreement

Did you know we have provided a sample reservation agreement that you can freely download from our Resources Hub? You can use this template to check against your own document. 

Get your copy here: Sample Reservation Agreement

Day 5 – Tag us in your social media posts

Use your social media channels to highlight your progress as you move through your transition journey to comply with our revised Code. This will demonstrate your compliance with the Code and confirm your commitment to great customer service.

Tag us and we will like and share your posts. Don’t forget to download and use our temporary #Code2024ready logos to chart your progress.

Day 6 – Update your customer welcome pack

Have you checked the contents of your welcome pack to ensure it complies with the revised Code from 1 January 2024? 

Download a copy of the Revised Code with Builder Guidance and check out our Resources Hub where you’ll find relevant documentation and guidance covering the different stages of your customer’s buying journey

Day 7 – Are you displaying the Code logo?

Under section 1.2 of the updated Code, home builders and sales agents must display the Code’s logo prominently on your website, in your sales offices and within your sales brochures. Download our logo and branding guidelines from the Resources Hub.

Day 8 – Have you updated your complaints process yet?

Section 5.2 of the revised Code sets out what should be included in your complaints procedure, including set timescales by when customers can expect to receive a response to their complaint and examples of the type of content your response should contain. 

Take a look at our blog for insights on operating a clear complaints process for some useful tips on creating a clear complaints process:

Day 9 – Have you considered your customers who may be vulnerable?

There is a renewed focus within the revised code on home buyers who may be vulnerable, requiring builders and sales agents to take all reasonable steps to identify where a vulnerability may exist and act accordingly. Read our article on recognising and supporting vulnerable customers for some tips and resources.

Day 10 – Learn from past Code Adjudications

Our Right First Time factsheets provide some valuable learning points from previous Code adjudications, relating to the most common breaches of the Code. These include sales and advertising material, providing sufficient pre-purchase information and offering an accessible after-sales service. 

Take a look:

Day 11 – Using the Code in your marketing

When marketing your homes, promoting your membership of the Consumer Code for Home Builders can help give buyers confidence that they will receive a good service and that help is available should they need it. 

Read our blog for ways to maximise the impact of your Code compliance and illustrate to your buyers that you are embracing excellent customer service.

Day 12 – Stay up to date

We regularly update our news pages, blogs, videos and social media channels on all matters relating to the Code, our members and our initiatives designed to improve customer service in the homebuilding industry. 

Subscribe to our newsletter here:

Bonus Tip!

Watch our videos for bitesize tips including learning lessons from complaints, providing an accessible after-sales service and using the Code to boost your marketing:

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